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Trauma 101   (1 training hour)

               Learn how to understand trauma, attachment and healing

Child and Adolescent Development (0.5 training hours)

               Learn about the stages of development for children and adolescents

Clinical Awareness (0.75 training hours)

               Learn about diagnosis and how to recognize and respond to psychiatiric symptoms

Compliance (1 training hour)

               Understanding rules and responsibilities with licensing & regulatory agencies

Conflict Management   (1 training hour)

               How to de-escalate a crisis before it begins

Cyberbulling (0.5 training hours)

               How youth are bullied through the internet and computer

Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco (1 training hour)

               Understanding the scope of the problems with substances and teens

Exploring and Understanding the Dynamics of Culture (0.5 training hours)

               Discover how culture plays an important part in providing excellent care for the foster children

Fighting Flight: Reducing Runaway Behaviors   (0.5 training hours)

               Learn more about why kids runaway and interventions to prevent it

Fostering Resiliency - Part 1    (1 training hour)

               How to recognize and build resiliency in the children in our care

Fostering Resiliency - Part 2 (0.5 training hours)

              Case studies to further reinforce the concepts of resiliency

HIV / Teen Sexuality   (0.5 training hours)

               Information about HIV and issues around sexuality for teens

KidsPeace Model of Care   (0.5 training hours)

               Learn about the foundational beliefs that guide the treatment of KidsPeace clients

Loss & Grief (0.5 training hours)

              How to help teens move through their feelings of loss and grief

Psychotropic Medications (0.5 training hours)

               Information about medications used to help those with mental health diagnoses

SCM Training - Maine Foster Parents ONLY

               Training for Maine Foster Parents in the approved Crisis Management System

Suicide Prevention    (1 training hour)

               Learn how to distinguish between suicidal and non-suicidal thoughts and behaviors

Understanding ADHD (1 training hour)

              Learn about the diagnosis of ADHD

Understanding Attachment (0.5 training hours)

               Learn about the importance of attachment in children and adolescents

Understanding Self-Injurious Behavior   (1 training hour)

               Learn how to understand and respond to self-injurious behavior