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Grovo is here! If you are looking for KidsPeace NAO/GAP or Annual Trainings, please check your emails for a link to log into grovo.com (works best with Firefox and Chrome browsers).  You will see individual trainings assigned to you, and you can browse the entire Grovo library.

This is a very exciting change, and should make online trainings easier and smoother from a user standpoint. 

Foster Parents will continue to use this site. However the rest of KidsPeace will be making the transition.


Keep Calm and on!

Thank you!!!!!


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If you get a "Processing Error" message when you try to complete tests in any on-line course, you may have to adjust your security settings. Click on the link below to get instructions on how to enable your security settings for "cookies."

Instructions to Enable "Cookies" on Your Computer

Instructions for Computers with Microsoft Vista or MAC Users

If you continue to have difficulty, please contact the IT Help Desk through the Help Desk feature on KidsWeb.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Paul Iannacone at 610-799-7013 or e-mail Paul Iannacone .





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